WhatsApp, Discord, and the Secret to Handling Millions of Concurrent Users

TLDRDiscover the secret behind handling millions of concurrent users with ease using the Erlang Virtual Machine (BEAM) and Elixir. Learn about the origins of Erlang and Elixir, the core features that make BEAM a secret weapon for real-time applications, and real-life case studies from WhatsApp and Discord. Other companies such as

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The Origins of Erlang and Elixir5 core Features that make BEAM a Secret Weapon for Real-Time ApplicationsCase study #1: How WhatsApp leveraged Erlang to scale real-time messaging with more than a billion daily active usersCase study #2: How Discord used Elixir to build a real-time chat application that scales to 11 million concurrent usersCase study #3: (My personal) How I built a real-time networking application with Elixir and PhoenixConclusion